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University of Alberta designer gets his shot on Montreal runway for Canada’s Breakthrough Designers 2015

Poised to make his debut, one University of Alberta business student hopes a national design competition will be his springboard into the world of fashion.

Zachary Ward is one of 25 young designers chosen for Canada’s Breakthrough Designers 2015 competition — an annual competition showcasing some of the country’s most promising fashion designers.

As a U of A business student, studying law and fashion design, Ward said he has always been interested in design.

“I was doing some amateur things in junior high that I never really made, but I guess the first actual designs I made wasn’t until high school when I took a drafting class,” he said.

After submitting his design for this year’s competition, Ward said his work was chosen to appear in a Montreal fashion show in February along with the other finalists.

At stake is upwards of $50,000 in scholarships and prizes.

When it comes to design, Ward said he tries to see inspiration in the world around him, getting his ideas from people and places.

“I like to keep an open mind to design. I really respect people who can design in a diverse manner,” he said, adding he doesn’t typecast his work into male or female genres.

Ward said it’s hard to pinpoint what it is that draws him to about design.

“It’s just something that I understand. It’s kind of like when I do it, when I work on it, I know what I’m doing,” he laughed. “Maybe it’s naivety, but it’s what draws me to it.”

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