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Edmonton SCTV statues closer to becoming a reality

SCTV statues mounted in Edmonton are getting closer to become a reality as volunteers spearheading the public art project are just waiting for charitable status.

While the community members are remaining tight-lipped on the design and precise location of the statues, the project is currently waiting on approval from Revenue Canada to become a society before it can build the statues of the popular sketch comedy television show that was filmed in Edmonton from 1980-1982.

“If people think the project died, it didn’t. The process is just slow and bureaucratic,” said Steven Sandor, one of individuals helping with the project.

But when the statues, presumably of the some of the characters in the show, are erected, project members say it will be a highlight of Edmonton’s history that is visible.

“It’s public art that everybody can interact with,” said Sandor.

Rick Moranis, John Candy, Eugene Levy and Joe Flaherty all starred in the skit comedy that started in 1976.

Surviving cast members have already given their approval of the character statues since “their experience of Edmonton was pretty positive,” added Sandor.

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