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University of Alberta approves 2.2 per cent tuition increase for September 2015

Students at the University of Alberta can expect a hike to their tuition next year, after the institution’s board of governors approved a 2.2 per cent increase last week.

U of A's Vice President of Finance and Administration Phyllis Clark brought the tuition hike proposal forward at the Thursday meeting, which falls inline with what the province has designated as an allowable tuition increase.

For students studying in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, it will cost an extra $116.40 per term to study at the U of A, rounding out their overall tuition at $5,437.20.

U of A Student Union president William Lau said students were expecting the university to maximize the tuition increase since the “the institution scrambling for every last dollar since the 2013 cuts."

“Are we prepared to take on a 2.2 per cent increase? No - because there is no way that our resources and ability to pay — wages, loans, grants, scholarships — will keep up,” he added.

Lau noted international students, who’ll now be paying an extra $430.80 per term, are going to be hit the hardest by the increase since their cost of education is three times that of a domestic student.

“International students are still persistent with their ask for predictable costs so that they could budget appropriately,” he said. “The ministry is aware of this issue and has agreed that predictability should be a fundamental value behind a tuition and fees structure.”

Lau said students continue to be disappointed with the treatment of fees and tuition by both the university and the government.

“With cuts to classes and laid off professors, we're concerned that students are paying more and more for less and less,” he said. “However, we do understand that inadequate provincial funding is pressuring the institution.”

The tuition increases will also impact program differentials, course differentials and market modifiers.

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