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MacEwan University students faced with 2.2 per cent tuition increase

Students at MacEwan University will be faced with a tuition hike after the Board of Governors approved a 2.2 per cent increase for September 2015.

At a December meeting, the board OK’d a move to charge full time students approximately $102 extra per year, while increasing international student tuition by 3.8 per cent.

MacEwan student association president Cam McCoy said students were prepared for the increase, after the government set the 2.2 per cent limit based on the consumer price index (CPI).

“We knew about the increase coming forward,” said McCoy. “Of course no one wants tuition increases, but we’re fine with the CPI increase because we know costs go up for the university every year so it does cost more and we understand that.”

While students anticipated the increase, McCoy said a 2.2 per cent boost is easier to stomach than the proposed hikes at other universities.

“It’s no market modifier, we didn’t get any of those. It was definitely a much better Christmas for MacEwan students than (University of Alberta) students,” he added.

International students will be hit hardest by the increase, McCoy noted, since their tuition isn't regulated.

“They have a set idea of what they’re going to pay and when it goes up in large stages, it’s never ideal,” he said.

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