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Edmonton's first Winter Shake-Up festival not letting heat stand in the way

While the weather might have people thinking patio season, organizers of the first ever Winter Shake-Up festival are hoping to get people sliding into winter on Friday.

A snow slide is currently under construction in Churchill Square and even though it has been challenging, the artists says it will be ready.

“All we need is one good night where it gets to minus something and it will harden. It will be like a brick of ice,” said ice carver Christian Denis.

Denis said the cold is limiting in terms of their ability to do fine detail work and they had to truck the snow in, instead of making it, but they're adaptable.

Embracing winter is part of the theme of the conference, which is bringing people from cities all over the world to discuss how to create vibrant cities year round.

“It’s about changing their mind so they can have fun in unique public spaces,” said Kirsta Franke, the festival’s producer.

She said she didn’t imagine a lack of cold would be a problem in Janurary, but they’re prepared.

“I think we’re a versatile people in Edmonton and I think we do our best to work with what we’re given,” she said.

The slide will be the centre of a night market event on Friday, which will also include a beverage garden with mulled wine.

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