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Edmonton's Friendship Tower clock not quite keeping up with the time

It’s not just in council meetings where time is slipping away at City Hall.

The city has confirmed the Friendship Tower clock, situated just outside the building, is losing time because of a problem with the clock's movement.

“It’s 22 years old and so with any device as it ages there are things that pop up from time to time,” said city spokesperson Carol Hurst.

She said the city has fixed a broken motor, but is now dealing with a problem with the clock’s movement.

Hurst said the problem would have to be fixed when warmer weather returns, because it involves working outside. She said they don’t have a firm cost on the repairs, but expecting it to be in the “thousands.”

“It depends if they’re able to do it in house as they have done previously or if they have to get a new movement,” she said. “It can be such a range depending on what they decide.”

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