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Edmonton entrance signs likely staying the same, but councillor wants "City of Champions" removed

Edmonton’s entrance signs are likely several years from being replaced, but in the meantime Coun. Michael Oshry believes it’s time to retire the City of Champions moniker.

Councillors debated a report Oshry asked for on the process and cost of designing new highway entrance signs on Monday. City staff encouraged council to consider holding off any change to the sign until branding work is completed.

Oshry said the branding work is important, but he doesn’t want to wait and wants “City of Champions” removed from the existing signs.

“I think that slogan actually holds us back and makes us think about the perceived good old days, he said.

Oshry said he will bring a motion to a coming council meeting asking to at least have “City of Champions” removed from the current signs and to look at creating new ones.

He noted that the only place the city uses the slogan is on the entrance signs and doesn’t think it has to incorporate the entire branding discussion.

“For me it’s about the signs specifically right now and I think we don’t have to wait for all that branding work,” he said.

Coun. Dave Loken said he’s not sure why the city is spending any time on the signs.

“I think the signs are fine. I haven’t heard anyone driving into the city saying this is a terrible sign,” he said.

Loken said visitors feel welcomed to the city, by the street life, the festivals, the people, not a road sign.

Trish Webb, head of the city’s communications department, said the city’s overall brand needs some major work.

“Our branding doesn’t represent who we are now. It represents who we were in the 1970’s and 1980’s,” she said.

She said there’s also need for some unity in how the city presents itself, which she is working on.

“When we have 74 sub-brands it actually might not be working in our favour and we might want to be co-ordinated around that,” she said.

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