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Edmonton company steps in to resurrect Glenora condominium project

A long-stalled condo project seems ready to rise again as the Glenora Skyline project is set to get out from under a legal mess.

The proposed three-tower project on Stony Plain Road at 142 Street was stalled over financing issues and other challenges, since early last year, but a new company has stepped.

Beaverbrook developments through their infill program inhouse has purchased the site and hopes to get work underway again soon.

“We’re just tying up loose ends and we will be getting going soon,” said Salima Kheraj, principal with Inhouse.

Construction was underway on the project and Kheraj said some of what has been built will be included, but there will also be some changes.

“We’re looking to incorporate that to the best of our ability and beyond that you will probably see some change in the design,” she said.

Specifics will be a ways off, she said, but generally they want a mixed-use development that will incorporate residential units, offices and commercial space.

She said it’s too good a spot to sit dormant.

“It’s a phenomenal location. It’s in a prestigious neighbourhood and it has views of the river valley, especially once you get some height,” she said.

Coun. Scott McKeen said he’s happy to see something underway again, because the image of a fallowed construction site send the wrong message about the city.

“I’m over the moon excited, because it has been an eyesore and those kinds of projects can symbolize what we don’t want.”

Underway soon

  • Kheraj said they’re working out the legal details and will then work with an architect on the site and look at any rezoning that might be necessary.
  • She said they hope to have construction underway again next year and the project will have a new name, which is as yet undetermined.

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