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Mayor Don Iveson argues any provincial government will have to keep focus on Edmonton

The provincial government — regardless of what party runs it, come May 5 — will not be able to ignore Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson after his State of the city speech Monday.

In his annual speech, organized by the Chamber of Commerce, Iveson said in the past the city might have been ignored by other levels of government because of how it voted, but that won’t be the case now.

“I’m confident that no matter what Albertans decide on May 5, together you, along with our city council will not stand for any provincial government ever forgetting about Edmonton again,” he said, in the closing lines of his speech.

Iveson’s speech drew back to the 1915 flood, which devastated the city when the river rose 42 feet in a single day. He said the tragedy was an example of how Edmontonians pull together.

Iveson said that spirit should now inform how the city deals with the problems in front of it.

“Today, we must talk about working together in a different kind of way specifically, how we partner more effectively with other orders of government,” he said.

Iveson said the federal government’s budget announcement last week of funding for transit projects needs provincial support as well and he would like to know where the parties stand.

“It could also be good news for Edmonton’s future – but only if our province steps up and matches the ongoing commitment,” he said.

He also pushed for a clear plan on how the province will deal with social problems, which he hopes included partnering with big cities.

“Edmonton is well-positioned to deliver services and direct resources where they’re needed most and we’re ready to partner with the province on a goal we share with them which is ending child poverty.”

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