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Hotel aims to create ‘spectacular’ architecture in Edmonton's Quarters

A new glass building is emerging in the Quarters, just east of downtown, and it’s much different than its neighbours.

Prem Singhmar is a hotel developer and the owner of AUM Hotel Group, and he’s hopeful the nearly complete Hyatt Place Hotel he’s building, at Jasper Ave. and 95 St., will have ‘presence.’

Metro: What can you tell me about the hotel?

Prem Singhmar: “It is a Hyatt Place hotel [and] has 255 rooms. Out of that there are about 34 suites. We have 11,000 square feet of retail. There are 1,336 panes of glass [and] the cost of glass is more than the hotel I did in Fort Saskatchewan last year.

Metro: Do you think the design costs will be worth it?

PS: “It’s worth it, in the sense that it has a presence.”

Metro: Why develop a hotel in the Quarters?

PS: “We wanted to put something spectacular in that area. We don’t have too many nice looking buildings [in Edmonton]. We have the Art Gallery of Alberta, some others, but this is a little different.

Metro: Are you hopeful that the hotel will do well in the Quarters?

PS: “What we read in the paper today doesn’t mean it will be there tomorrow. This is long-term. I believe that in a couple of years, things will start to show up. We’ve done our best to get it in and time will tell if it was good or not.”

Metro: Do you plan to build anything else in the Quarters?

PS: “We have a few plans but nothing solid I can talk about. It depends on which options and what land we’re getting. We’re reviewing some options but nothing finalized.”

Metro: When will it be open?

PS: “Just before Christmas this year.”

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