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Edmonton Ski Club plans to ride the Valley Line LRT rails

The future construction of the Valley Line LRT will require changes to bridges and other features, and those have elicited outrage among some — but not from the 100-year-old Edmonton Ski Club.

Instead, the club, located close to a future LRT stop in the Cloverdale neighbourhood, sees potential in proximity.

The new stop will make the facility the first ski hill in North America to be accessible via light rail, said Ken Saunders, the club’s president. "There's definite opportunity. From your business commuter stopping at the club on the way in to do a workout or, imagine, the school groups or underprivileged able to access the facility.”

The club has released a vision for the future which sees it as increasingly linked to the downtown core’s revitalization through the LRT, and becoming a year-round recreation facility. Part of the vision proposes a new clubhouse and new amenities.

A mountain bike park and a fitness centre are also part of what Saunders stressed is an "ample opportunity" to change the image of the 100-year old ski club.

"It will help put us on the map. I really do believe it.”

The ski club is discussing their plan in detail on May 25 at their annual meeting.

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