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Bruderheim could be home to Alberta's first storage container hotel

The small community of Bruderheim, near Fort Saskatchewan, could be the home of the province’s first motel made out of used shipping containers.

After proving the idea in Northern Ontario, Ladacor a Calgary-based company is planning to build a four-story motel in the small community just north of Edmonton.

Rhys Kane, the company’s director of business development, said the process they use to convert the sea cans makes them into whole new buildings.

“You can modify these sea cans with our technology quite extensively so you can get nice open space,” he said. When we’re finished with it, you wouldn’t have any idea it’s made of sea cans from the outside.”

The proposed motel will go to a public hearing in the community on June 18.

Kane said the sea can buildings are safer, because they’re made of steel and won’t combust. He said after the motel opens they hope to expand it to other projects.

“We’re looking at some projects in Edmonton for some affordable rental housing,” he said.

Modular housing, Kane said makes a lot of sense in Alberta because it can reduce construction timelines and costs and can be brought easily to smaller centres. The problem right now is most modular construction is wood.

“All of the modular options are wood based, there is a lot of movement and cracking and it’s not as sturdy,” he said.

He said the buildings also save money on labour costs and time.

“We have a 30,000 square foot factory in Calgary, so you have factory efficiencies,” he said.

More of the shipping containers tend to arrive in North America than return to Asia where many products are shipped from, which has left this content with a surplus of the containers. Kane said this is also an environmentally sustainable way to deal with that problem.

“We’re recycling a piece of steel into a high-quality building product.”

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