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Parenting 101: Edmonton Catholic Schools brand new parenting course offers insight to young moms

While there may be no guidebook for how to be a good parent, one Edmonton teacher is hoping to provide her students with the tools they need as they navigate parenthood.

Preparation for Parenting 35 is a one-of-a-kind course set to launch this September at Cardinal Collins High School in north Edmonton for young parents or pregnant teens.

Megan Filice created the Grade 12 level course after seeing a serious gap in education for young parents.

“We noticed that there was a big gap between when our students come in the skills they need to have to be successful healthy parents,” said Filice, who works with the Our Lady of Grace program for young moms.

Filice said before the course, a young moms group was offered to students with questions, but when it came to crunch time with exams, some moms opted to focus on their studies.

By offering the same information in a credited course, Filice hopes students will be able to focus on their education and parenting skills.

“Realistically, this is more valuable to them than taking a course on mechanics,” she said. “They need it, it’s important and it’s going to benefit them and their families.”

Principal Santo Saporito, who oversees School of Alternative Education in the Catholic school district, said he hopes that course could soon be offered throughout the district.

“Being a parent (and) having parental knowledge and skills is so essential,” he said. “It’s the most difficult role any individual is going to experience in their lifetime so why not offer it at the school level. Why not offer a program that will slowly but surely develop the knowledge and skills that our students need.”

For Filice, the course is intended to not only educate students, but to help break the cycle some of her students see themselves stuck in.

“They know they want more for their kids than they had and they just need support in doing that,” she said.

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