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Towit app wants to stop bad parking jobs in Edmonton

Watch out bad parkers: One smartphone app is asking users to upload photos of poorly parked cars in Canada and get them towed.

Towit, an app created out of Toronto, allows users to snap a picture of a car or truck parked on a curb or a bike lane, type in the license plate and file a complaint. Geolocation is used to identify where the person is.

“We wanted to make it as low barrier as possible for anyone to report the most minor of offense during their busy daily lives,” said Michael McArthur, co-creator of the app.

Working with local governments and towing companies, the Toronto residents want the app to do more than post examples of what some consider to be bad drivers.

“Our mission here isn’t to just tow people’s cars. We want to create a behavioral shift to make people more aware of how they’re impacting their surroundings, other people around them and their community,” said McArthur.

Congestion and collisions are examples of what could happen from a bad parking job, said McArthur.

According to the website, there have been no postings of bad parking jobs in Edmonton yet. Calgary is the closest city with submissions online via the app.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t bad parkers in Edmonton, according to a few social media accounts.

One website,, posts photos almost daily of poor parking jobs or comments about poor drivers in the city.

Two Twitter accounts, @BadYegDrivers and @DBagParkingYEG, also exist, with both social media accounts posting comments and photos of what some Edmontonians consider to be bad driving decisions.

The next step in the app’s evolution will allow any driver to input their license plate so they can be warned if anyone is tagging them for bad or illegal parking via the smartphone application, added McArthur.

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