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Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton launches online fundraiser for bald eagle

Found face down on the ground in Lloydminster, life wasn't looking so good for Lloyd.

After being driven two and a half hours to Edmonton by some good Samaritans, the beat up bald eagle was so sick when he arrived at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton (WRSE) on June 18 staff didn't think he'd even make it through the night.

“He so was comatose when he came in, we didn’t even have to sedate him," WRSE Executive Director Tamie Perryment said. "Whether he was poisoned or ate something toxic, we have no idea, but he was completely out of it."

Lloyd was severely dehydrated but had no broken bones and no visible wounds, aside from some ruffled feathers. Blood work and x-rays showed no problems, and staff never did find out the cause of his ailments.

He eventually showed signs of improvement and now spends his time devouring entire salmon and stretching his wings at a flight pen WRSE's Spruce Grove location, gaining the strength needed to be released back into the wild one day.

But the bad luck bald eagle isn't out of the woods yet. The animal rehabilitation society has launched a "Help Save Lloyd The Bald Eagle" GoFundMe campaign to cover the costs of his pricey care, which has put a strain on the not-for-profit wildlife rescue centre that has already been pushed to the limits this summer.

“We’re struggling right now, funding has been down. But this is all for the animals, and we’ve had huge numbers of them come in this year," Perryment said.

Perryment said the centre had 400 wild animals in their care at one point this summer, 75 of which were babies who needed close monitoring.

Launched July 31, the campaign looks to raise a much-needed $5,000 for the continued success of Lloyd and the other animals in their care during the busy summer months.

“We’re struggling right now, funding has been down," Perryment said. "We work on a very shoestring staff, and we rely on donations.”

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