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Edmonton entrepreneurs bring vehicle mechanics to your door

Two former chemical engineers are hoping their new start up helps people save money on having to get their car towed to body shops.

Uzair Ahmed says his start-up business makes car repairs much easier.

Andrea Ross/Metro

Uzair Ahmed says his start-up business makes car repairs much easier.

Car ownership is great, until wear and tear means a necessary trip to the mechanic — and a fast-burning hole in your pocket.

Two Edmonton entrepreneurs hope to make this process a little bit easier with

instaMek, a service that brings certified vehicle mechanics right to your door.

Asem Alsaadi and Uzair Ahmed, two former chemical engineers, started the business in

January after Ahmed’s mother found herself stuck at home with three vehicles in need of repair and her husband away and unable to fix them.

“She called up the shop and got the cars towed, it cost her a bunch of money and was inconvenient,” Ahmed said.

“We thought ‘there should be a different way of doing things.’”

The men had the business up and running within days with help from friends, family and angel investors.

Business has been booming, Ahmed said, and has since expanded to Calgary, Fort McMurray, Red Deer and Lethbridge.

They have 13 mechanics working for them on a contract basis.

“We’ve completed close to 400 jobs now,” he said.

“We’re kind of like an Uber model. Our mechanics are vetted by us. We know they’re good, they’re journeyman, and they’re under our insurance as well.”

Ahmed said the process makes it cheaper for the client, since car repairs are done without any overhead costs.

Clients can request a mechanic to their door through instaMek’s website, but an app is currently in development.

The men are planning to expand to Vancouver and Saskatchewan soon. Mechanics can pick and choose which jobs they do, and are paid about double the industry standard, he added.

Mechanics can do about 60 or 70 per cent of the jobs that can be done in a shop.

“We don’t do anything major like transmission or engine swaps, but we do a lot of alternator starters, brakes, suspension work, fluid changes and maintenance,” Ahmed said. “All that we can do.”

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