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Vast majority of city road projects on schedule, budget

Most of Edmonton's construction projects are due to be completed on time, the city announced, including already delayed projects, despite potential barriers.

An artist's rendering of the future Walterdale Bridge.

Supplied/ City of Edmonton

An artist's rendering of the future Walterdale Bridge.

Halfway through the 2015 road construction season, 92 per cent of Edmonton's 176 construction projects are due on time and on budget, the city announced Thursday.

That statistic includes already completed projects, such as work on 66 Street, Stony Plain Road eastbound, the Victoria Trail from Yellowhead trail to Abottsfield Road and 103/102 A Avenue from 104 Street to 100 Street.

“All roads belong to all Edmontonians and this volume of construction does create impacts and travel delays, and we understand that frustration,” said Dorian Wandzura, general manager for Transportation. “The good news is all projects eventually come to an end.”

Some projects, though, come to an end later than planned, including the Walterdale bridge replacement, delayed a full year by a late steel delivery.

Project manager Allan Bartman said the bridge should still be completed by the new completion date in fall 2016, but the next step had the potential to change that.

“Part of the process for getting the arches across the river is floating the central portion on two barges,” he said.

The North Saskwatchewan River is abnormally low this year, which means general contractor Acciona Pacer Joint Venture will need to dredge the riverbanks.

“We need a minimum water level of about 2.1 metres,” Bartman said. “We need to do dredging near the south bank on the east side of the rock berm… the average dredging depth is about 60 to 80 centimetres.”

He said there was some concern over water levels, but with dredging the float should take place in the late fall and keep the project on schedule.

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