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The LRT believer

An Edmonton man has spent hours building an interactive map of Edmonton’s LRT future to help remind people LRT is also about “dreaming of the future.”

Anthony Leclerc, one Edmontonian who has not yet lost faith in the City of Edmonton's ability to deliver on LRT promises.

Kevin Tuong/ For Metro

Anthony Leclerc, one Edmontonian who has not yet lost faith in the City of Edmonton's ability to deliver on LRT promises.

When it comes to Edmonton and LRT, the general consensus is that it’s become a farce of late.

Just don’t tell Anthony Leclerc.

While delay after delay on the Metro Line has caused many Edmontonians to lose faith in their city’s ability to plan future light rail projects, he’s still on board.

The 25-year-old is looking forward to the city’s future LRT plans with such fervour that he built an interactive map with Google Maps to show others just how exciting it all is.

“I’m feeling a bunch of negativity about the LRT system in general and people’s outlooks,” Leclerc said. “I’m actually really excited about the LRT lines and the future of LRT in the city. I wanted to put a more positive outlook out there to kind of disperse all of the negative views.”

Last week, coun. Scott McKeen told reporters the jokes about the Metro Line “aren’t funny any more.”

McKeen made this comment after the city announced it would be opening the line to a modified level of service in the first week of September.

He said the city has “absolutely” lost the public’s confidence.

By and large that may be true, but not with Leclerc.

He said the mistakes made in managing the Metro Line give the city a better understanding of their internal systems for project management, an opinion he shares with Mayor Don Iveson and Transportation Manager Dorian Wandzura.

His hope is this better understanding will help the city move forward with “more extensive lines ahead of them.”

With information found on various pages of the city’s website, Leclerc built one definitive “future LRT” map and shared it on Reddit, where it did generate some of the excitement he hoped it would.

“For the existing lines I added information about the stations and little event points; for the future lines I mostly tried to give my best guess as to where the lien would go because the city is pretty vague on that… as they should be they are still designing it,” he said.

“I thought I’d throw it up now because LRT is also about dreaming of the future… With such big dreams come many issues, but it’s important never to lose focus on the next stop and what’s coming ahead.”

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