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Future neighbourhood hub under construction in Ritchie

Ground broken on Ritchie Market, a hopeful “community hub” in Ritchie neighbourhood.

A community potluck accompanied the groundbreaking Thursday.

Kevin Tuong/For Metro

A community potluck accompanied the groundbreaking Thursday.

Developers in Ritchie broke ground Thursday on a project they say will “redefine what urban living is all about” in the neighbourhood.

Poul Mark, one of the tenants of the future mixed-use commercial building at 96 Street and 76 Avenue called Ritchie Market, says the development aligns with how area residents are so “community focussed.”

“It’s a vibrant community that really wants to drive community spirit,” he said.

Mark, owner of Transcend Coffee, has claimed a spot in the development, and hopes to see Ritchie Market’s meat shop, brewpub, restaurant and bike shop provide things the “young and vibrant” area wants, “without having to get in your car.”

He explained that it could be a community hub and gathering place, “where you go meet, go for a coffee or a grab a beer” without leaving the area.

He also said community feedback has been “tremendous.”

“The only complaints we’ve had thus far is ‘How come it’s not already going, how come it’s not built?’”

With shovels in the ground Thursday, Mark said the 15,000 sq.ft Ritchie Market should open “in the later half” of 2016.

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