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Councillor wants to reopen $2M Edmonton arena marketing deal

Coun. Scott McKeen says the city is in tougher economic times.

This rendering shows the entrance to the arena.


This rendering shows the entrance to the arena.

Coun. Scott McKeen is hoping the Edmonton Oilers might be willing to do without $2 million in marketing the city will begin paying to the team next year.

As part of the master agreement on the arena, the city will pay the Katz Group $2 million per year for the next ten to market the city “nationally and internationally.”

McKeen said he’d like that part of the deal revisited.  

“I don’t think it was ever a real bonus for the city,” he said. “We’re in tougher economic times now and I don’t see why the city couldn’t go back and say in light of everything, could we talk about this.”

Administration expressed concerns at Monday’s budget meeting about any attempt to re-open the deal. McKeen said in the spirit of partnership the city had done a favour for the Oilers last year and he hoped they would be willing to consider the same.

He said the favour involved the master agreement, but did not cost the city any money and had to remain private.

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