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Edmonton Tool Library seeks donors

Fledgling organization hopes to be up and running by the fall.

One of the tool library's organizers, Robyn Webb, holds up a couple of tools.

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One of the tool library's organizers, Robyn Webb, holds up a couple of tools.

The future Edmonton Tool Library is seeking financial backers so they can secure a location and move towards opening later this year.

The people behind the not-for-profit library, which would operate much like any other library but with hammers and saws, have launched a Fundrazr campaign to raise the funds needed to finally move into a space.

“We actually have a space that we might be able to get into, but we need to raise $6,000 before the end of May,” said Leslie Bush, one of the project organizers.

He said that a donation of $50 or more also gets donors a membership to the bank, though bigger contributions come with bigger perks, like having a tool named after you.

Bush said they estimate that their minimum yearly costs would be around $15,000.

The plan is to train volunteers to run the library, where members could check out the tools they needed for a set period of time and get basic instructions on how to use them.

Bush said it would make tools accessible to those who can’t afford them, or just don’t want to have to shell out for a pricey tool they’ll only use once or twice.

“It’s a great idea that’s worked well in other places and it just seems like such an easy way to get tools out there,” Bush said.

He said he realized the value of a tool library resource when he bought and renovated a condo last year and found himself often in need of a tool that was expensive even to rent.

And if you do buy it, for many people it often just ends up gathering dust.

“It’d be fantastic to have a place that’s community-based and supports sharing resources.”

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