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Well-known names disqualified for future Alberta elections

Coun. Tony Caterina, Wildrose spokesperson Vitor Marcianno and former PC cabinet minister Christine Cusanelli on list.

Edmonton Coun. Tony Caterina

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Edmonton Coun. Tony Caterina

City Coun. Tony Caterina, former Progressive Conservative cabinet minister Christine Cusanelli and Wildrose spokesperson Vitor Marciano are among dozens of people ineligible to be financial officers or candidates in the next provincial election.

Elections Alberta released the list of disqualified parties in late May. Anyone on the list is ineligible to run for office or serve as a chief financial officer for either five or eight years.

Deputy returning officer Drew Westwater said the candidates in question have failed to file financial reports or failed to clear up a deficit.

He added they do everything they can to ensure candidates don’t have to be disqualified.

“We give actually more notice and more help for the candidates,” he said.

Caterina said he filed his financial disclosures, but was unable to retire an $11,000 deficit he incurred during his unsuccessful 2015 provincial campaign in Edmonton – Beverly – Clareview.

He said that money was contributions he made to his own campaign and he wasn't able to fundraise to retire the debt before being disqualified.

“It’s what it is and at this point I have no intention of seeking any other provincial involvement regardless of party,” Caterina said.

Westwater said there are some candidates like Caterina who were unable to retire a campaign debt, but most simply never filed statements.

Marciano was the chief financial officer for Josh Loeppky, a Wildrose candidate who's also ineligible, in Edmonton – Highlands – Norwood.

Marciano said he was the CFO for that and several other campaigns that raised no funds during the election.

Vitor Marciano – Wildrose spokesperson


Vitor Marciano – Wildrose spokesperson

He said he submitted the other financial disclosures, but couldn’t submit this one because he can’t locate Loeppky to sign the form.

“He has not returned my phone calls. He has just disappeared,” said Marciano.

Caterina clear to run municipally

Caterina’s disqualification from running for provincial office, won’t prevent him from running for his council seat again.

The city’s director of elections, Laura Kennedy, said the provincial disqualification does not affect a person’s ability to run municipally.

Kennedy said the only provincial offences that come into play for municipal candidates are serious attempts to disrupt an election.

“In our case it would be things like bribery or interfering with an election,” he said. This is not one of those offences.”

Elections Alberta spokesperson Drew Westwater also confirmed the disqualification would not prevent a run for federal office.

Disqualifications, by party

Below is the number of candidates or chief financial officers disqualified, by party, during each of the most recent provincial elections (2012 and 2015).

Liberal Party

2015: 13

2012: 8

Progressive Conservative

2015: 6

2012: 0


2015: 4

2012: 5

Alberta Party

2015: 2

2012: 0


2015: 0

2012: 4

* One Liberal Party and one Alberta Party candidate are appealing their disqualifications

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