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Edmonton council lowers penalties for late property tax payers

Coun. Bryan Anderson argues current system puniitve.

Edmonton City Hall is seen in this file photo.

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Edmonton City Hall is seen in this file photo.

People a little late paying their property tax will get a tiny reprieve from the city, but not as big as one councillor was hoping.

Currently, a person who files their property taxes after the July 30 deadline, even by just an hour, faces a seven per cent penalty.

An additional 3.5 per cent is added on Sept. 1 and an additional 3.5 per cent on Nov. 1.

Coun. Bryan Anderson said Tuesday the penalty is too step for someone who is just a little late.

“I found it difficult to explain to citizens who contacted my office that seven per cent for a day’s lateness wasn’t punitive,” he said.

Anderson proposed a 3.5 per cent hit on July 1, followed by two increments of 4.5 per cent , but his proposal had the potential to cost $2.4 million — which would ultimately be paid by the taxpayers who pay on time.

Coun. Scott McKeen said that’s a tough one to justify.

“I don’t want to ask them to cover the penalties for those that are late,” he said.

Instead, council passed a five per cent penalty for July 1, with follow-up penalties of the same amount in September and November.  

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