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Video: British DJ Duke Dumont ends Edmonton show early after audience spits on him

'I don’t get paid enough to get spit on'

DJ Duke Dumont plays a show in 2014.


DJ Duke Dumont plays a show in 2014.

British DJ Duke Dumont ended a show in Edmonton mid-song last weekend after being spit on by audience members.

“I’m sorry guys, people up here are spitting on me, throwing drinks at me,” Dumont says, in a video posted online and now viewed more than 200,000 times.

Dumont, best known for his 2014 song Need U (100%), was in town to play a show at Union Hall last Friday.

He was in the middle of a set when he cut the music and addressed the crowd.

“I’m sorry, I’m off. I know you guys paid good money, but I don’t get paid enough to get spit on," he says in the video. 

Before exiting the stage he challenged the spitter to come down and face him: “If you’re man enough to spit, you’re man enough to come down here.”

No one came down.

The crowd booed as Dumont apologized to “99.9 per cent of you” and ended his show.

In a Facebook post promoter Blueprint Alberta said though they were disappointed Dumont had to cut his set short and that they “stand with Duke’s decision 100%.”

“We believe in respecting each other always, and anything less will not be tolerated at our events.”