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Edmonton Oilers sign has new home outside a local company

"Diehard fans" find a way to prove it.

The sign, which now hangs outside of the MGS company, once hung on Northlands Coliseum for years.

Kevin Tuong / For Metro

The sign, which now hangs outside of the MGS company, once hung on Northlands Coliseum for years.

An Edmonton countertop company has a new sign, but it doesn’t promote their marble or granite products — it celebrates their love of the Oilers.

When the team left Northlands Coliseum this year, the massive Oilers sign on the exterior of the arena was one of the things that wouldn’t make it to Rogers Place.

That’s the sign that MGS Company bought — for an undisclosed amount — and then mounted on their building.

Angela He, an MGS co-owner, said when they saw the sign up for auction they jumped.

“We are diehard fans of the Oilers. We don’t miss any games. We don’t miss anything with the Oilers,” she said.

He declined to say how much the company paid for the sign, but said they were eager to show their support for the team.

He also said it was extra special to be able to get a piece of the Oilers history.

“That’s the one that is coming off the wall and it’s been hanging up there for many years,” she said.

The outdoor sign was the largest item in a long list of memorabilia the Oilers sold when they left the buildings, including the dressing room carpet and items from the weight room.

All proceeds went to charity.

MGS also bought a tin sign celebrating the team’s 25th anniversary, which they've hung in the main concourse inside their building.

When the larger sign was installed outside out the company’s office they added the line “Diehard fans of the Edmonton Oilers” below it.

“It’s exactly what we are and it’s exactly the reason that we bought it,” He said of the finished product.

He said having the sign there isn’t a marketing gimmick, as they don’t do retail sales, dealing mostly with new homebuyers.

He also said they have had plenty of people swinging by for a look.

“We have people coming by and taking pictures.”