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Uber shut out of Edmonton airport, but TappCar available

Airport authority says Uber wants more than they can give.

Uber is not allowed to pick up passengers at the Edmonton International Airport.

Kevin Tuong / For Metro

Uber is not allowed to pick up passengers at the Edmonton International Airport.

Uber is pushing for access to the last frontier in Edmonton's rideshare market — the airport — but its competitor TappCar seems to have beat it to the punch.

The company, which just signed an agreement to pick up airport passengers in Ottawa, said this week that the Edmonton airport is demanding too much.

“Edmonton’s fee would be higher than Ottawa and almost all airports we have agreements with, including large international airports in the U.S.,” said Uber spokesperson Jean-Christophe de Le Rue.

Airport spokesperson Heather Hamilton said they are open to private transportation providers, but Uber wants a fee so low it would price everyone else out of the business.

“The rate that Uber is looking for would essentially put them at such a competitive advantage it would make those other services not viable,” she said.

Hamilton said the airport wants passengers to be able to choose between taxis, rideshare companies, buses and other services but they can’t give one company a competitive advantage.

The airport has also asked that Uber provided proof of commercial licenses and insurance and has a designated area for pick-ups already assigned for rideshare companies.

But de Le Rue said that is a cumbersome requirement — and added the area the airport is proposing for pick-ups is out of the way.

Rideshare company TappCar has been picking up at the airport since June when it signed an arrangement with the airport authority. It pays $3 for pick-ups and $6 for drop-offs

Company spokesperson Pascal Ryffel said getting set up with the airport wasn’t onerous and it’s important for their customers.

“Getting to and from the airport is very important for passengers, but it’s also important to the drivers because it’s a good money-making opportunity,” he said.

Ryffel said airport access is important for any company to be competitive in a market.

“You have to be able to drop your passengers off and pick them at the airport. I think it’s quite important, people expect that.”

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