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Alberta launches curriculum overhaul with online survey

Province seeks feedback on what students should be learning.

Alberta Education Minister David Eggen.

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Alberta Education Minister David Eggen.

The Alberta government launched its six-year curriculum overhaul Tuesday with a survey that it says is “unprecedented” in scope.

The province is rewriting curriculum from Kindergarten through Grade 12, and its first step is gathering feedback with a two-part online survey that will hear from kids, parents, experts and educators alike.

Education Minister David Eggen said the survey is “unprecedented in the history of education.”  

Speaking at Queen Elizabeth high school, Eggen said the government is seeking a wide range of opinions and a sense of equality.

Among the planned additions to the curriculum, he said Alberta will be the first province to offer comprehensive education on residential schools and indigenous history, by partnering with Winnipeg’s Truth and Reconciliation Institute.

Premier Rachel Notley stressed the importance of updating what students learn to help diversify the economy, noting much of Alberta’s curriculum was last updated before the Internet existed.

“We know that Alberta needs to diversify the economy and ultimately the government itself cannot decree diversification,” she said. “What they can do is create the environment for diversification to grow from the population itself.”

The revamp involves arts, language arts, math, social studies, science and wellness. All curriculum will be developed in English and French for the first time.

The new plan for kindergarten to Grade 4 is scheduled to be done by 2018, while the curriculum for Grades 5 to 8 is set for 2019 and a high-school plan will be rolled out in phases from 2020 to 2022.

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