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Facts and figures about Alberta's helmet law for off-highway vehicle drivers

EDMONTON — The Alberta government has introduced legislation that would require people to wear helmets when operating off-highway vehicles on public land. Here are some details:

— It would require anyone operating an ATV, snowmobile, dirt bike or 4-wheel-drive vehicle off of roads to wear a CSA-approved helmet.

— It wouldn't apply to vehicles used for farm and ranch work or used on First Nation and Metis land.

— On average, 19 people are killed in Alberta while operating off-highway vehicles each year.

— 185 people were killed while riding ATVs in Alberta between 2002-2013, many suffered head injuries and were not wearing a helmet.  

— Each year about 6,000 Albertans end up in hospital emergency rooms due to off-highway crashes.

— Last year more than 1,000 children under 16 were injured while riding off-highway vehicles.

— The government hopes to enact the legislation by May before the next off-road driving season begins.

SOURCES: Alberta government, Injury Prevention Centre at University of Alberta   

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