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Edmonton Coun. Loken calls inquiry into Uber

The city councillor says PTP companies should be “whacked” for not following the rules

Coun. Dave Loken wants to see if Uber is breaking the rules.

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Coun. Dave Loken wants to see if Uber is breaking the rules.

Coun. Dave Loken isn’t pleased with Uber, so he wants the city to determine if the ride-share company is following the rules. 

On Tuesday, council passed Loken’s inquiry that will see administration outline the number of Uber drivers without proper insurance, and determine how many penalties have been given. 

But Uber drivers don’t need to obtain insurance to drive people, according to Uber Canada spokesman Jean-Christophe de Le Rue. 

He said every Uber driver is covered by a provincially-approved ridesharing insurance policy that’s purchased by the company. 

But ride-share and taxi companies, which include Uber, have still been ticketed for operating without a city license, failing to produce required documentation to officers, and failing to display information to passengers. 

Loken said he’s received a number complaints from other industry members. 

He alleged Uber took advantage of loopholes in the city’s bylaw when it entered the Edmonton market.

“That doesn’t bode well with me and many others,” he said. “If TappCar is engaging in the same thing, then they should be whacked as well. Any PTP companies not following the rules should be whacked.”

Loken’s inquiry will likely come back to council in the new year.

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