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Scholarship helps more Edmonton women enter trades

'With this bursary, I am able to pay for my next period of training and catch up a bit.'

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Katerina Sanders is pursuing a career as an industrial insulator with the help of a new scholarship.

The second-year student at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) is one of 15 women studying skilled trades who've been awarded a $2,000 scholarship, through a partnership between NAIT, Unifor and Coca-Cola.

Katerina and the other 14 recipients were selected based on their academic achievement and financial need, though all female students attending a four-year apprenticeship program at NAIT were eligible for the money. 

“During my schooling, finances were tight," Sanders said. "If anyone has ever been on E.I. they know it is barely enough to survive. Between rent, bills and car insurance, everything adds up. I got by but definitely went further into debt. With this bursary, I am able to pay for my next period of training and catch up a bit.”

The scholarship is designed to encourage women to enter the trades and become skilled professionals. 

Women only compose a small portion of the trades workforce, according to Statistics Canada. 

For Sanders, the scholarship is further motivation and encouragement to pursue her career goals.

“I’ve always been interested in the trades because they provide long term careers," she said. "I got into insulating by literally cold calling different unions until I found [one] and they let me join.”

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