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Pictures: Edmonton says a colourful goodbye to the Stanley Milner library

Graffiti party celebrates beginning of major renovation

Some of the graffiti at the Stanley Milner library

Alex Boyd/Metro

Some of the graffiti at the Stanley Milner library

Edmontonians got a chance to bid a colourful goodbye to the old Stanley Milner Library on Saturday.

The library issued an open invitation for people to come in and draw on the walls, the floors, and even a few shelves of the soon-to-be renovated institution.

From messages of support to memories to Dr. Seuss quotes aplenty, local library lovers embraced the opportunity to scrawl on every available surface.

After half a century, Edmonton Public Library’s flagship building will close at the end of the day on December 31 to undergo a transformation.

When it reopens in 2020 it will have a children’s library three times the current size, a larger Makerspace and 4,000 addition square feet in which to study and read. The sleek new design was unveiled in October.

During the facelift, downtown library operations will operate out of Enterprise Square at 10230 Japer Ave. The temporary location opens Jan 3.

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