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Edmonton deems sports bras appropriate attire in city-run gyms

The new guidlines were announced after a woman complained her city gym told her she couldn't wear the midriff-baring top to work out.

Two women work out in a gym, one wearing a sports bra.

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Two women work out in a gym, one wearing a sports bra.

Sports bras officially have Edmonton's support.  

After releasing new guidelines for appropriate attire at city-run gyms this week, which some criticized as vague, officials clarified Wednesday that sports bras get a pass.

Last month, a woman criticized the city in a Facebook post after claiming a staff member at Meadows Community Recreation Centre told her she couldn't wear a sports bra when she worked out.

“Based on these guidelines, a sports bra is not inappropriate. It’s designed for that type of activity, so it will be appropriate,” Annett Kamenz, supervisor of recreation and physical activity experiences with the city, said Wednesday.

The city started reviewing its clothing guidelines late last year to keep — ahem — abreast of fashion trends.

Initially, the new guidelines stated clothing must "not be overly revealing, and must be mindful of the comfort of other users,” which caused some confusion.

Kamenz said the city heard from its critics and will update the language “right away” to clarify its position on sports bras.

That means from now on, if bare midriffs offend you, that’s just too bad.

“People have to be tolerant of others,” Kamenz said.

For what it’s worth, she said the city “very rarely” hears complaints about gym attire.

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