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Edmonton traffic beliefs don't match traffic behaviour

Or why Edmonton drivers will tell you not to speed in neighbourhoods — and then go speed in neighbourhoods.

Toronto Star file

People may walk their talk, but in Edmonton they don't seem to drive it.

While 93 per cent of respondents to the city's annual traffic safety survey said that it's a serious threat to safety to speed through a residential neighbourhood, fully 43 per cent of them said they had done just that in the past 30 days. 

It's not just speeding: While 95 per cent said it's bad to run a red light, a quarter of respondents admitted to doing it in the past month.

The results, showing a gap between beliefs and actual behaviour, are similar to past surveys and point to the challenge for Edmonton to meet its Vision Zero target of zero traffic-related fatalities.

“To reach the Vision Zero Edmonton goal of zero traffic fatalities and serious injuries, we need to ask ourselves if our own actions are putting ourselves and others at risk,” said Laura Thue, a senior researcher on the survey.

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