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Video: Edmonton racer beats Indy 500 winner in Race of Champions

Stefan Rzadzinski worked his butt off to even get into the Race of Champions. What he did to Alexander Rossi once there ...

Edmonton racer Stefan Rzadzinski appears in this photo from 2013.

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Edmonton racer Stefan Rzadzinski appears in this photo from 2013.

Stefan Rzadzinski was already living his dream Sunday when he pulled up to the line at the Race of Champions Nations Cup, representing Canada, against Alexander Rossi.

Rossi was representing the United States in the race in Miami, which pits the best of the best head to head in heat after heat in varying machinery.

Edmonton's Rzadzinski, on paper, looked outclassed: Rossi won the 2016 Indianapolis 500, and raced in Formula One, while 'Razzle Dazzle' as he's known in Canada races a Nissan Micra, with just 109 horsepower.

No matter: Rzadzinski then trounced Rossi. 

Rzadzinski also defeated former F1 driver Scott Speed in another round, but was beaten and eliminated by NASCAR driver Kyle Busch.

Not bad for a guy who pushed hard on social media for the mere chance to race, and got there only because fans love him so much.  

"I wanted to prove that I belonged," Rzadzinski said after the races.

"I know I won my chance, but once I got here I wanted to do really well. I'm thrilled that I won those two races, but I'm angry with myself for not winning the third. I had it and I let it get away. If I hadn't made that slip at the start of the second (and final) lap, I would have had him.

"I know that when I go home — and I'm so proud that I could represent Canada and Edmonton at this event — I'll probably appreciate what I've done more than I do now. Right now, I'm mad at myself for not doing better."

To watch Rzadzinski defeat Rossi, click here

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