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Alberta Transportation slammed on Twitter for drunk pedestrian ad

Animated ad of wine-swilling, headphone-wearing pedestrian getting hit by car in crosswalk was later deleted.


An Alberta government ad featuring a drunken cartoon pedestrian has been deleted after crashing and burning on social media.

Alberta Transportation posted an ad on Twitter Monday that showed a squiggly-faced blue dummy drinking what appears to be a bottle of wine and listening to music on headphones in a crosswalk, while a smiling driver giving a thumbs up ran into them with a car.

The ad read, “Pedestrians, Pay Attention!” and warned that consuming alcohol or using electronic devices increases your risk of injury when crossing the street.

Twitter users replied to the post, some calling the ad "awful," "harmful" and "inappropriate" while others pointed out drivers are at fault in most pedestrian fatalities.

Some defended the ad, saying pedestrians as well as drivers are responsible for their safety.

Alberta Transportation deleted the tweet Tuesday morning following the outcry, and posted a fresh tweet urging drivers to watch for pedestrians and linking to the Saferoads website.

The province did not seem to have learned from the City of Edmonton, after city officials were slammed in September for a test ad suggesting pedestrians should wear reflective clothing.

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