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Budget 2017: Edmonton gets new hospital, upgrades for Royal Alex

The ailing Misericordia hospital will also get funding for renovations.

Sandra Azocar, with Friends of Medicare, is glad to see more funding go to hospitals.

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Sandra Azocar, with Friends of Medicare, is glad to see more funding go to hospitals.

Plans are underway for a new hospital in Edmonton, while the city’s two major existing hospitals will see a funding boost.

The provincial budget tabled Thursday shows $400 million earmarked over four years for the planning and construction of a new hospital in Edmonton.

“The last time Edmonton had a new hospital was a generation ago,” Health Minister Sarah Hoffman told reporters. “It's about time.”

She said the government wants to move quickly on getting the new hospital built. 

“The $400 million in four years is absolutely going to mean lots of progress, lots of people working, lots of people doing those construction jobs,” she said. “When that project comes on line, it’s going to be great news for the City of Edmonton.”

The location of the hospital hasn’t been announced yet, but advocates have highlighted a growing need for health services in Edmonton’s south end as neighbourhoods there rapidly expand.

On top of that, the NDP government is investing a combined $519 million over the course of four years into two new projects for the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

The facility’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health project will get $155 million over four years.

The other plan, called the Norwood Long Term Care Facility, will receive $364 million over the course of four years.

Sandra Azocar, with Friends of Medicare, said government is making positive strides in promising 2,000 long-term care beds and new mental health programs at Royal Alex, specifically those geared towards youth.

"We will continue to push this government to make sure they follow through on their prior promises,” she said. 

Work will also begin on modernizing the ailing Misericordia Hospital.

The government will spend $65 million over the course of four years to modernize the hospital and renovate emergency rooms.

“That was their number one priority, so we’re making it our number one priority,” Minister Hoffman said. “So we’re building a brand new emergency room on that site.”

The province will also provide $53 million over the four years for the Stollery Children’s Hospital Critical Care Program.

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