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Metro Exclusive: Edmonton police union investigating treasurer's expenses

Sources claim veteran officer used union credit card on Palm Springs trip.

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Edmonton’s police union is investigating after members allege the organization’s treasurer used a work credit card for a personal trip.

Bill Clark’s expenses came to light at the union’s general meeting last fall when former president Maurice Brodeur disclosed that Clark charged a rental car and other personal costs to a union card while in Palm Springs. He later repaid the expenses.

A police officer who attended the meeting reached out to Metro recently, on condition of anonymity, saying Clark’s actions violate union bylaws.

When contacted by Metro, Brodeur confirmed that in early 2015 he became aware of Clark’s “inappropriate” use of the card and cautioned him not to use it for personal reasons.

Brodeur said he later became aware of prior instances in which Clark had used the card for personal expenses, but noted he believes they were all repaid.

“From what I’m aware of, it never happened again after I cautioned him,” Brodeur said.

Union President Bob Walsh, who took over from Brodeur in August, confirmed he is investigating Clark’s expenses but declined to give further details.

He said the results of the investigation will be made available to members but likely not to the public. He also said he will conduct a full audit of union credit card usage, but added that no money is currently missing.

Clark is a veteran staff sergeant with the Edmonton Police Service homicide section. He declined comment when reached by Metro on the phone.

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