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Budget 2017: Edmonton to get four schools with funding boost

$500 million going toward investing in 26 schools across Alberta.

Alberta Education Minister David Eggen.

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Alberta Education Minister David Eggen.

Edmonton is slated for get four new schools, with plans in the works for a possible fifth.
The government will be investing $500 million for 26 new school projects to start in 2018, according to the budget released Thursday.  

"Well we’re investing in capital right across the province," said Education Minister David Eggen. "I think it’s a great commitment on behalf of the premier and caucus that even during an economic downturn, we are still investing in education, building those new schools and making sure that there is a teacher in front of the kids, they’re getting the extra help that they need, and making life better for Albertan families."
Some of that money will flow into Edmonton for the new projects.
The locations of the schools have yet to determined, though advocates have said Edmonton’s southern communities are lacking such infrastructure.

"We’re a very young population and our population continues to grow, especially suburban areas, Edmonton and Calgary, but other places too," said Eggen. "We’ll give details as to each individual school here in a few days."
Planners will design the schools this year while construction would start in 2018.
The government will also reduce school fees by 25 per cent, which officials say will save families $54 million in the next school year.
The province will announce the school locations later this month.

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