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Alberta rolling out $239M over five years to upgrade provincial parks

Kayakers on Upper Waterton Lake, Waterton Lakes National Park.

Parks Canada

Kayakers on Upper Waterton Lake, Waterton Lakes National Park.

EDMONTON — Alberta provincial parks will be getting a five-year makeover.

The province has announced a $239-million plan to expand and revitalize the provincial park system, starting with $54.2 million this year.

Environment Minister Shannon Phillips says the population of the province has gone up by one million in the last decade, a lot of them young families.

But she says in the same period, there wasn't much done to the parks system.

Phillips says the plan is to spend the money in a variety of ways, from new trails, playgrounds, picnic tables and other park improvements.

The government is also aiming to make the parks more inclusive for people with disabilities.

“We are refurbishing some of our cabins that are designed for people with disabilities,” says Phillips. “That’s in addition to some of the programming that Alberta parks run, they really try to reach out to new Canadians and disadvantaged youth, all kinds of different people to make sure that everyone gets access to those great outdoors experiences.”



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