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Who is Fahad Mughal? Meet the business analyst who wants to be Edmonton's next mayor

Mughal recently announced he will go head to head with Mayor Don Iveson for the top spot

Fahad Mughal, a former City of Edmonton business analyst, is running against Mayor Don Iveson for the top spot.

Jeremy Simes / Metro

Fahad Mughal, a former City of Edmonton business analyst, is running against Mayor Don Iveson for the top spot.

With three months to go before Edmonton heads to the polls, the first candidate has officially stepped forward to challenge Mayor Don Iveson.

Fahad Mughal is a former business analyst with the City of Edmonton and, if elected, says he wants to make city councillors more accountable for their decisions.

Metro chatted with Mughal about what he'd do with the city's top job.

Why are you running for mayor?

I’m running for an accountable, transparent and fair government. I have worked for the city, and I’m a business analyst by profession. So, part of my job has been to look for issues and problems and how we improve them.

You’re going to be running against Mayor Don Iveson, who’s a huge contender and has been popular in the polls, so what makes you think you can beat him?

I have a message to deliver: We need to hold our elected officials accountable. When I was door knocking, lots of people were telling me we need a new mayor. They were concerned no public consultation was happening. I was also surprised there was no one running against him. No one wants to step up, so I thought I should. I’m not afraid.

What do you want changed?

In the city government, there is a friendly opposition, and we don’t have a formal opposition. When we compare the city government to the federal and provincial governments, we don’t have an official opposition, which works to hold governments to account. That is missing from city government, so we can’t hold any elected official accountable.

It seems like you want to change the entire municipal government system, so how would you plan to do that?

We could do an environmental scan, where we could look at how other municipalities work to see what they’re doing. If they’re doing something similar to how the province operates, we can incorporate that into our system. We are already running on a 100-year-old system, so it’s high time we start talking about it.

What’s your game plan to beat Iveson?

The game plan is straight talk. The game plan is not being politically correct. If anyone is expecting I will be playing defensive or be politically correct, that’s not why I’m here, and that’s not what I heard at the doorsteps.

What could the mayor do better?

The biggest one is public consultation because people are not happy about any project.

Another thing I’m concerned about is closed door meetings. It’s taxpayer money, and anyone should know what’s happening with their money and the city as a whole.  

Politics aside, where’s your favourite place to go in Edmonton?

Fort Edmonton Park.

Do you have a favourite TV show?

On Netflix, I watch House of Cards.

You seem very political then, so how do you align on the spectrum?

I think I’m somewhere on the centre. I take things from each party, where my stance on accountability is conservative, my transparency is NDP and my fairness is Liberal.

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