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'Downtown Edmonton, can I move in with you?' Musical apartment rental ad goes viral

If you have a decent place to rent downtown, please tell Luke Ehrenholz.

Luke Ehrenholz is looking for a place to live.

Screenshot/Luke Ehrenholz

Luke Ehrenholz is looking for a place to live.

After Luke Ehrenholz spent the last month trying—and failing—to find a place to rent in downtown Edmonton, he started singing the real estate blues.

The graphic designer spent about an hour writing a song about what he’s looking for (a basement suite or studio), what he can afford ($700 a month), and who he is (not dangerous or mad, he guarantees!)

Then he recorded himself performing the song while playing the keyboard, and posted it to his Facebook page Tuesday night—by Wednesday afternoon it’d been viewed more than 4,000 times.

Ehrenholz says he’s written songs for birthday greetings and class projects before, so when Kijiji failed to turn up any good leads, it seemed like the way to go.

“I just decided to try it and see what happened,” he said.

So far, he’s still without a downtown home, but the online response was immediate—and positive.

“People have been really friendly and liking it and sharing it, I’ve had five or so people suggest a specific place, and five people suggest a person, but I only posted it yesterday so I haven’t had time to check any of them out yet.”

Ehrenholz has worked downtown for the last two years, but lives on an acerage he shares with friends near Alberta Beach—an hour's drive each way.

“I’ve just started to realize how much time and money was going into gas and parking, I just decided that I would like to move closer and save that time and money,” he said.

He grew up near Alberta Beach, but said he’s started to fall in love with downtown in the time he’s been working there.

“I’ve never lived anywhere but out in the boonies, I’m really excited about living in downtown, I’m excited for the change,” he said.

“I just want people to think that I’m a trustworthy candidate, and offer me a cool place to stay.”

Anyone with a possible lead can check out Ehrenholz's website.

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