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Update: Rescue farm south of Edmonton 'heartbroken' with no news of blind baby goat

Farm offering $10,000 reward for Daisy, stolen from the Wetaskiwin property Sunday evening

Daisy was stolen from an Edmonton-area farm on Sept 10.

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Daisy was stolen from an Edmonton-area farm on Sept 10.

The owner of a rescue farm south of Edmonton is "heartbroken" after a search for the blind baby goat taken from her property turned up nothing.

A Facebook post Monday night on the Farm Animal Rescue and Rehoming Movement, or FARRM, page said there is "no news" of Daisy, who was stolen from the Wetaskiwin farm Sunday evening.

Founder Melissa Foley said she is “very worried” about the brown and white goat named Daisy.

Daisy, at home on the rescue farm near Wetaskisin.


Daisy, at home on the rescue farm near Wetaskisin.

Search parties have been scouring nearby land and checked with neighbours and local lifestock auctions, and on Tuesday Foley was asking for volunteers to search independently.

In addition to being blind, Daisy requires medication, she added.

Foley said she went into town Sunday evening, and when she returned her gate was incorrectly closed and Daisy was gone. She said her neighbours saw an unknown vehicle and heard the dogs barking.

“She still has a lot of issues which is why we’re so concerned, she really thrives with a specific routine and specific people and voices to rely on,” she said.

Daisy was born healthy, but was attacked by crows as a baby, leaving her blind, Foley said. She’s been living at the rescue since the spring, and has bonded to the farm’s blind sheep.

Foley said her staff have exhausted every avenue and are now asking for the public’s help.

“We have absolutely no clue, we have no reason to believe that it has anything to do with our rescue or was a specific target on Daisy or our farm,” she said.

She said she’s contacted the RCMP, and is offering a $10,000 reward for information.

She’s left a kennel on her driveway in case someone wants to return Daisy, no questions asked.

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