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Mayor Iveson 'very happy' to see $3 million drop in photo radar revenue

Fewer tickets means the system is working, Iveson said Tuesday

Edmontonians seem to be easing off the gas pedal, city staff told council Tuesday, but the decrease in speeding also means a big drop in photo radar cash.

Revenue from photo radar tickets dropped by three million dollars this year, which means a deficit of 200,000 dollars for next year.

But Mayor Don Iveson is clear this is a good news story.

“I’m very happy to see automated enforcement revenue dropping,” he said. “You know our Vision Zero is partly zero revenue from fines because people are complying and we have safer streets."

"We always expect to, over time, put ourselves out of business on those enforcement fees.”

He said the money gained from parking tickets went towards education and enforcement as well as physical changes to roadways.

While some councillors suggested looking for alternative funding programs for the same outcomes, city staff said they could make do with less.

Gerry Shimko, executive director of traffic safety, said his staff will offset some of the drop in revenue by replacing some of their equipment less frequently.

“We have taken preventative measures so we can actually extend the lifespan of some of our equipment to not replace it as quick,” he said.

He said they are using evidence based process to determine which locations need photo-radar installed.

The city has 150 photo radar locations and Shimko said they plan on adding more, especially in school zones.

“We know from the evaluations, we are seeing anywhere between six to 12 km reduction by drivers as they are approaching and passing (photo radar),” Shimko said.

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