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Garbage art: City seeks first artist-in-residence for the Waste Management Centre

The successful applicant will get six months, a pay cheque and 'access to recycled materials'

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One person's garbage is another person's art.

Or at least, that's what the city is hoping, with a call for Edmonton's first artist-in-residence for the waste management centre.

"The artist will ideally reflect their residency experience through their work, and will have access to recycled materials from the facility," according to a media release sent out Wednesday.

The Centre is not a mere garbage dump, the release points out. It's 233 hectares in total, and the composting facility alone takes up as much space as five football fields.

According to city numbers, 4,500 trucks carry in 9,800 tonnes of garbage every week.

The Waste Management Centre.

City of Edmonton

The Waste Management Centre.

The Edmonton Arts Council is inviting artists who feel inspired by the operation (and who also live in the city) to submit an application. They're hoping to get someone to start full-time in late fall, for a six-month period.

The residence is full-time, and the artist is expected to commit to regular working hours. They will be expected to produce at least one public showing of work.

A panel of people from the arts community, the Council and the Waste Management Centre will select the successful applicant. They will consider an artist's body of work, experience and demonstrated ability to work with kids (who tour the facility).

The artist will be paid $25,000, and will have a small budget for supplies.

More information is online.

The city is no stranger to mixing art and city operations: this is the sixth residency the city has offered since 2015, including Jennie Vegt with the Office of the City Clerk, and Dawn Marie Marchand with the Indigenous Relations Office.

Candace Makowichuk is currently the artist in residence for cemeteries.

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