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POLL: Tell us what Edmonton election issues matter to you

We want to know what you'll be watching—and what we should be covering

Edmonton city hall

Codie McLachlan / Metro Web Upload

Edmonton city hall

It's on: Candidates for mayor and city council filed their paperwork to officially enter the election this week, so now we want to know what's important to you.

We'd also like you to see what's important to others in Edmonton.

Campaign promises are being rolled out, so what are you going to be watching for as candidates hit the campaign trail? What issues will affect who you cast a ballot for next month?

Check off the five issues that are most important to you, or, add an issue that we don't have on our list.

This will also help us understand what matters to our readers, so we can help gear our coverage to the topics that will help you decide how to vote.

Election Day is October 16, so we're off to the races!

Top issues for Edmonton's municipal election 2017

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