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Edmonton municipal election 2017: Profile of Ward 9

Edmonton southern expansion, possibly to Edmonton International Airport, could have major implications for the ward

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Unfinished infastructure projects are a sore point for residents of Ward 9, and community leaders also have their eye on how the city’s southern boundary will expand with the annexation of Leduc County lands.

The ward in the city’s southwest is split in half by Anthony Henday Drive and includes the communities of Terwillegar, Riverbend and parts of Windermere.

About 57 per cent of the housing stock consists of single-detached houses, with 11 per cent made up of duplexes and fourplexes and about 18 per cent consisting of low-rise buildings.

Brookeview Community League president Elmar Klapstein said an ongoing issue that has repercussions for the whole ward is the abundance of temporary roads in the area, which has led to safety concerns.

“Because of all the temporary roads in the Riverbend area, there’s a lot of residents and people from outside the area who cut through residential areas, just because there aren’t very many options,” Klapstein said.

“What ends up happening is alternate routes are now used heavily, and when you’ve got pedestrians, you’ve got playgrounds, school zones, it just makes for a much more stressful environment,” he added.

Of particular concern is Terwillegar Drive, which was supposed to be built into a freeway, but instead remained as a sequence of on-off ramps.

“We’re driving on the off ramps all the way down. Every time you hit an intersection, it’s a light, because what should be an overpass hasn’t been built,” Klapstein said.

“The lineup backs all the way onto the Whitemud. And that’s a very dangerous thing – the line up is so far back that people in the left lane have their rear ends sticking out into traffic,” he added.

Oak Hills Community League president Mike Boychuk said he’s got his eye on Edmonton’s southern boundary, especially due to unfulfilled promises from city council in the past.

“Yes, the Terwillegar Rec Centre happened … The thing that we didn’t get and we continue to not get is any development around the rec centre,” he said, mentioning skateboard parks, baseball diamonds and tennis courts as examples of infrastructure that never came to fruition.

For that reason, he hopes whoever is elected to Ward 9 will work to create an industrial manufacturing hub in the annexed Leduc County lands.

“Ward 9 needs to lead the way to create an Edmonton advantage … If there are no jobs, no one will live in Ward 9 or any other ward.”

What you need to know: Key dates

Advance Voting starts on Oct. 4 and runs until Oct. 13, daily fron 1-7 p.m. The last day to vote is Election Day: Monday, Oct. 16, 2017 (9 a.m. - 8 p.m.)

Voters must be 18, a Canadian citizen, a resident of the City of Edmonton, who has lived in Alberta on or before April 16, 2017. Voters must have valid ID.
Where to Vote cards will be delivered to all Edmonton homes at the beginning of October. The cards include voter eligibility, how to find information on your ward’s candidates and the location of the voting station. All voting stations are wheelchair accessible.

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