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Edmonton municipal election 2017: Profile of Ward 10

Development, protection of green space are major concerns

Edmonton's Ward 10

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Edmonton's Ward 10

As soccer grows more popular due to a cheaper price tag than hockey, and fields come at a “premium,” the protection of green space is shaping to be a major election issue in Ward 10.

Ward 10 sits in south-central Edmonton and contains nearly an equal mix of homeowners and renters, at 45 and 39 per cent respectively. It includes the neighbourhoods of Parkallen, Blue Quill, Twin Brooks, Ermineskin and Allard.

Parkallen Community League President Leanne Kohn said her community welcomes residential development, but not if it interferes with the community’s green spaces.

“Trees and green space are huge for people in Parkallen … green space and soccer fields are at a premium now,” she said.

“I think the majority of people in Parkallen are fine with infill, we understand that’s an important thing … it’s how things have been happening.”

Twin Brooks Community League President Mike Lanteigne said his neighbourhood is seeing similar issues with Edmonton’s First Place program, which offers first-time homeowners a five-year deferral on the land portion of the mortgage.

The issue is the First Place properties typically go on surplus school sites, he says.

“We feel as a community, we’re not against the program concept, but we are against the location of the First Place properties in our neighbourhood because it is plunked squarely on green space,” Lanteigne said.

“Whilst we have a wonderful ravine we can walk through, this is really our only green space for soccer and other family events,” he added.

Green space is also a big one for Parkallen, in particular the protection of trees, because Parkallen sits on a reclaimed lake and the houses are prone to flooding.

Kohn said trees are increasingly being torn down to make way for residential development, which is a problem.

“Trees are important to absorb some of the moisture. With fewer trees in the neighbourhood … we’re going to be more prone to flooding than we ever have been,” she said.

Ward 10 is home to three major LRT stations: Century Park, Southgate and South Campus. Lanteigne said he hopes council will consider burying a portion of the South LRT Extension to “future-proof” the transit route for future growth.

“Basically if the LRT was at ground level, it would be a replication of the bottleneck that happens at 51 Avenue and 111 Street. Sometimes you’re waiting 22 minutes to cross over.”

A lack of parking at Century Park has been a hot topic in the ward, as is development in the area.

Running in Ward 10 is Viera Berretti, a local businessman, Samantha Hees, a child-care provider and administrator, Sim Senol, an activist and community organizer, incumbent Michael Walters and Glenda K. Williams, a former journalist and volunteer.

Ward 10 facts

Population: 61,796

Percentage who own/rent homes:

Owned: 45.09%

Rented: 39.34%

No response: 15.57%

Main mode of transportation:

Car/Truck/Van: 49.52%

Public Transit: 17.23%

No response: 26.65%

What you need to know: Key dates

Advance Voting starts on Oct. 4 and runs until Oct. 13, daily fron 1-7 p.m. The last day to vote is Election Day: Monday, Oct. 16, 2017 (9 a.m. - 8 p.m.)

Voters must be 18, a Canadian citizen, a resident of the City of Edmonton, who has lived in Alberta on or before April 16, 2017. Voters must have valid ID.
Where to Vote cards will be delivered to all Edmonton homes at the beginning of October. The cards include voter eligibility, how to find information on your ward’s candidates and the location of the voting station. All voting stations are wheelchair accessible.

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