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Trick or (dog) treats: Edmonton woman throwing first Halloween party exclusively for dogs

Who says costumes and trick or treating is just for humans?

Ainsley Hillyard and her dog, Jezebel dressed up as a dinorsaur

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Kevin Tuong / For Metro

Ainsley Hillyard and her dog, Jezebel dressed up as a dinorsaur

Halloween in Edmonton is going to the dogs--for one evening, at least.

Ainsley Hillyard, 33, is the brains behind the city's first dog-only Halloween party.

Hillyard is recruiting a pack of four-legged ghost and goblings to dress up and go trick or treating Sunday.

“I’m a huge animal person in general and I love my dog, Jezebel more than anything in the world,” Hillyard said, of her 5-year-old French Bulldog.

As more and more people put off or choose not to have kids, she said doing things like dressing up pets is only getting more popular.

“She is definitely my baby, and I definitely like to treat her like a child sometimes, and why shouldn't she get to enjoy all of the things with her friends?”

Hillyard has planned six different costumes for Jezebel, including a dragon, a unicorn, a penguin, a ladybug, and a dinosaur.

This is the independent artist's first attempt at a party for dogs, which is why she has kept the invite list to her theatre friends only.

“They are all dressing their dogs up, they are dressing up too,” she said. “We are going to make treats for the dogs.

She's also checked with her neighbours that it's okay to stop by for a milk bone.

She hopes that if the party is a success, she can make it public next year by renting out a community hall, adding that she thinks Edmontonians would be open to it.

"There is a lot of people doing these one-off things that might be experimental or strange just in general," she said. "So, yeah, I think Edmonton is totally the place to do it."

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