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Blending in: University student invents a carrier for beauty sponges

Second-year Edmonton law student is selling GlamPods across North America

Ola Cislik invented the GlamPod.

Kevin Tuong / Edmonton Freelance

Ola Cislik invented the GlamPod.

An Edmonton university student is saving faces – from poorly blended makeup.

Ola Cislik, a second-year law student at the University of Alberta, has capitalized on the recent popularity of beauty sponges with an invention that’s getting attention around North America.

“There’s millions of beauty sponges on the market, but what I realized was there’s no way you can actually travel with them – you can’t store them anywhere,” Cislik said.

She was working at Shoppers Drug Mart while going to school, and used her job to do market research.

Cislik found many customers were hesitant to buy beauty sponges because there was no way to store them without worrying the sponge might get dirty or moisture could build up and grow mould.

After looking online and finding no products that solved this conundrum, she designed the GlamPod, an egg-shaped pod with ventilation holes that screws open and closed.

“You can just pop it in your bag, you can take it with you wherever you’re going and you don’t have to worry about the sponge moulding or it getting ruined,” Cislik said.

The GlamPod took six months to design and another six to manufacture.

She found a manufacturing facility in Airdrie, so the GlamPod is entirely created in her home province – something she initially didn't realize was possible.

“That’s been a pretty eye opening experience,” Cislik said.

Since going on sale online this summer, the product has garnered attention from major retailers and been used by makeup artists as far away as Los Angeles.

Cislik is in talks with the Hudson’s Bay Company, has sent her first wholesale order to a beauty school in Idaho, and has caught the eye of model and tattoo artist Kat Von D, who commented on the product’s Instagram account.

“It’s really cool to see it spread in such a short period time and to see the reaction from people who really like it,” she said.

Cislik said she would like to put all her time into GlamPod but plans to finish her schooling at the U of A.

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