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Video: Edmonton police ask for help locating truck stolen while idling on street

Police warn the public of recent spike in vehicles stolen after they were left unlocked and running to warm up

Edmonton Police is warning the pubic to not leave vehicles running and unattended after a recent spike in car thefts.

Kevin Tuong / Edmonton Freelance

Edmonton Police is warning the pubic to not leave vehicles running and unattended after a recent spike in car thefts.

Edmonton police are warning the public about a recent spike in theft of cars that have been left unlocked and running to warm up.

Staff Sgt. Ron Smithman said there have been 33 vehicles reported missing in the past eight days, especially in the southeast area, with one incident even caught on camera.

“We are really concerned,” he said. “We just want to get the message out to the public to ensure that their vehicles are locked and shut off.”

On Wednesday morning at 7 a.m, a 23-year-old man in Richfield area left his 2008 dark blue Ford F-150 truck running to warm up.

The truck had a black tonneau cover with the Alberta licence plate #BLH7368.

The video released by EPS on Thursday morning shows a 2015 grey/silver Mazda 3 hatchback, which police said was also stolen, drive past the idling truck.

The car comes back and drops a passenger off who walks up to the truck, sits in the driver’s seat and takes off.

Edmonton police are asking for the public’s help in locating the two vehicles.

“This was his first vehicle which he uses to get to and from work everyday. And now he is left to catch the bus,” Smithman said.

Smithman said the outstanding stolen Mazda 3 is still outstanding and the suspect could still potentially be driving around in it.

He said Wednesday night that same vehicle observed police and smashed into a couple vehicles and took off from police in the northeast area.

“That subject is still at large and we are still looking for him, any help we can get from the public in regards to finding that vehicle and that subject would be great,” he said.

He said because of the weather a lot of people who want to leave their cars running to warm up.

"If they have the command option to warm them up that would be the best option," Smithman advised.

"Other options are steering wheel clubs or locks that they can put on their steering wheels that would deter any criminals to drive away because it would be nearly impossible."

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